Here's a few scenes of my younger brother Craig and I from the late 70's and early 80's.

Oh boy... its going to be good! My brother has the cool "Incredible Hulk" jammies, while I'm wearing this dorky Seattle Seahawks bathrobe with the fuzzy piping.

WOOO-HOOO! A 2600! How will we be able to do homework ever again?

And here's yours-truly... the budding software engineer at age 13. Yep, that's an 800 with an 810 you see there. My parents paid for half, but it still took over six months of hard work weeding a shopping center to pay for my share. Had to walk 2 miles to get there too, in several feet of snow, and up hill both ways. Seriously though, I think my parents were relieved that they weren't dragged by the hand into one more computer store and forced to watch me code "Guess the Number" or "Random Dots" in Atari BASIC for the 47th time. I don't believe there was a happier kid in '82.
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