For Sale/Trade

I have the following available for trade:

Its too much effort at this time for me to inventory and describe everything I have, so for now... if you are looking for something please just ask, I may have it and we can work out some kind of deal!

I have gigantic collection of Atari 8-bit hardware, software, and reference materials.

Also, I have a large collection of other vintage computers and accessories including Atari ST/Jaguar/Lynx/5200/2600, Apple Mac/II+/IIe/IIc, Commodore 64/128/Plus-4/Amiga, along with a ton of miscellaneous old stuff such as BYTE Magazines, Creative Computing, Infocom Games, etc.


I'm looking for the following:

ValForth Extension documentation - documentation for any of Enhanced-Editor/Utilities, Turtle Graphics, DisplayList Formatter, Text-Compression, or ValDos.
Other, rare or perhaps obscure, development tools for the Atari 8-bit computers (i.e. not Atari Basic, MS Basic, Pilot or Logo carts)
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