Angband and Variants for Palm OS

(Note: ** only for Tapwave Zodiac at this time **)


Angband executable:

Still my all-time favorite, although I like vanilla soft serve cones too. More info.


ZAngband executable:

One of the most popular variants of all time. Based somewhat on the Roger Zelazny's 'Amber' universe. Hundreds of new monsters, mutations, cave features, etc. More info.


ToME executable:

An absolutely wonderful variant based on the Tolkein universe. This game is a beast -- its absolutely huge! It is pushes the Palm device pretty hard at a few spots (like birth and death). Remember to be patient for a few secs. before hitting reset. More info.


Hengband executable:

Another huge, greatly expanded variant packed with features. For my first character, I went for a Balrog! This one has a very nice UI that works well with handhelds. Angband fans must try this one. More info.


Steamband executable:

A pulp/Victorian/Steampunk themed variant. Very original and great fun. More info.


Sangband executable:

Skills Angband. An expanded and more difficult (and more entertaining) Angband. One of the oldest and most played variants. Gameplay is greatly enhanced. More info.


NPPAngband executable:

More aggressively takes on new features requested from the user community. Lots of work and discussion going on about this now at More info.


Oangband executable:

Opinion Angband. Very interesting variant that expands the combat system and changes the game balance. More info.


Angband + Variants source:

source code!

Screenshots from a Zodiac:  
Zodiac launcher:

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